What You Need To Know About Cat Dental Cleanings And Insurance

If you've signed up your cat for pet insurance, chances are you're expecting it to help to cover the majority of their veterinary visits. However, you might be surprised to learn that your cat's dental care might not be covered, but also that regular dental care will also be more important than ever. Read on to learn more about dental care and pet insurance, and why your cat may need more dental care than ever.

What Pet Insurance Covers

Pet insurance is designed to cover a lot of veterinary costs, like medication, check-ups, surgery, and more. However, not all pet insurance covers dental care, or other forms of preventative care for your pet.

Dental care is necessary to keep your cat's oral health in good shape. You may be able to add the coverage to your basic plan. Some pet insurance companies offer wellness coverage that adds reimbursement coverage for veterinary care like vaccinations and dental cleanings.

Dental Health, Pre-Existing Conditions, Related Conditions

Whether or not your pet insurance company will cover dental cleanings, it's even more important to keep your cat's mouth healthy. Most pet insurance companies don't cover pre-existing health problems, and they often also won't cover a health problem that's only happened because of neglect.

While the majority of pet owners who invest in pet insurance certainly aren't neglectful, dental problems fall under this category because they can cause other health issues. Bacteria that grows when gum disease and plaque build up in your cat's mouth can potentially spread to other parts of the body, causing heart disease or spreading to other internal organs.

If your cat develops a problem like kidney disease later on, your pet insurance company may request your cat's records before deciding whether or not to cover the treatment for your cat's kidney problems. If the records show a long history of dental health problems, they may choose not to cover the kidney disease, citing oral health neglect as a possible cause for the illness.

The Answer

Your cat's oral health should never be ignored, as it's an integral part of keeping your kitty healthy all through their life. If you get pet insurance, talk to your insurer about whether or not dental care is covered, and if not, whether they offer additional coverage that will provide reimbursement for dental care. Whether you choose to stay with them or go to another company, make sure to keep your cat's mouth healthy with regular dental visits. It may mean the difference between being denied for coverage or having your cat's medical procedure costs taken care of in the future.

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