Three Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe Through The Winter

Winter weather brings about a number of safety hazards. This isn't just true for you, but it is also true for your dog. In order to keep your pet safe throughout the season, it's important that you know what these hazards are. Here are just three important precautions you want to consider this winter.

Objects In The Snow

As fun as it is to play in, snow can also be dangerous. When snow blankets an area the risk comes in the fact that you don't know what is underneath. There could be a number of sharp objects under the snow that could harm your pet, such as waste or sharp rocks. All of these objects can cause painful lacerations.

It's best to keep your dog from unfamiliar, snow-covered areas. If you want to enjoy some play time with your pet in the snow, your backyard or another area in which you know the ground underneath is safe, is best.

Ice-Melting Salt

The ice-melting salt you use to clear your driveway or sidewalk can be harming to a dog's footpads. When their paw makes contact with these products, it causes a severe, chemical burn. Should your pet accidentally come in contact with these products, wash their paws right away to avoid a burn.

A better alternative is to use ice-melting products that have been deemed as pet-friendly. You can generally find these products at pet supply stores. In the event you must use a regular ice-melting salt, ensure your dog is wearing booties before going outside.


The fact that dogs can often handle more extreme conditions than humans can does not mean they are invincible. Limit your dog's exposure to harshly cold temperatures to avoid frostbite. Frostbite occurs when a dog's core temperature drops too low, causing blood from their extremities to flow back towards the center of their body, in an effort to raise the core temperature.

Unfortunately, this damages the tissues and skin in the areas with limited blood circulation. Signs of this condition include discoloration, swelling and pain. In severe cases, a dog might even need to have the extremity amputated. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your dog.

Should your dog suffer a weather-related injury, it is imperative that you take your pet in to see a veterinarian, like those at After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic Inc, as soon as possible. A veterinarian will ensure your dog's comfort and prevent further injuries.