Keep Your Kitty From Getting Itchy, Dry Skin This Winter

Dry skin isn't just an issue that affects humans. Cats can get itchy, dry skin, too. In order to keep your kitty from developing dry skin this winter, follow these tips.

Use a home humidifier.

The air in your home tends to get much dryer during the winter, and this may contribute to your cat's dry skin problems. The best solution is to have a humidifier installed. This is a unit that integrates with your HVAC system and adds moisture to the air as needed. You'll enjoy its benefits too, since your own skin will be less itchy and your throat won't feel as dry. If a whole-home humidifier is not in your budget, consider buying a few portable vaporizers instead. Sold at most drugstores, you can fill them with water, and over the period of a few hours, they vaporize the water and blow it out into the air. Place the vaporizers in the rooms your cat spends the most time in, and use them nightly for best results.

Keep your cat from sleeping in front of the air vents.

Many cats like to sleep right in front of the heating vents, since they enjoy the warmth of this area. However, the dry air blowing on them dries out their skin. Discourage your cat from sleeping in front of heating vents by placing some crinkly aluminum foil in front of each one. Tape it down so it does not blow away. Cats don't like the feeling of aluminum foil under them, so they will find somewhere else comfy to sleep.

Use a spray-on moisturizer.

Applying lotion to your cat's skin would be nearly impossible because of their fur. However, some pet supply brands have begun making spray-on moisturizers that can treat and prevent itchy, dry skin. You just spritz the moisturizer liquid onto your cat's fur, and then pet your cat to encourage the moisturizer to work its way closer to the skin. Never use a moisturizing spray intended for humans on your cat, as it may not be safe if your pet licks it.

For more help preventing and treating dry, itchy skin in cats, speak to your vet. If your cat has an ongoing issue with dry skin, there may be vitamin supplements you can give to help deal with the issue. Your vet may also recommend a groomer who can safely bathe your cat with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner every couple of weeks.

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