Kitten Kindergarten: Why You Should Take Your Cat For Early Training Classes

There are many misconceptions about cats being untrainable and impenetrably independent. The truth is if you start training a cat early on, you can groom them to learn good habits such as being friendly and less aggressive.

Kitten playgroups and kindergartens have become increasingly popular and widely accepted as an effective way to help young felines learn important life skills that will make them more sociable and confident as adults. This article will look at various benefits you and your kitten stand to gain by enrolling for kitten classes.

Preventive training

Kitten classes can help develop your kitty into a loving and patient feline. Kittens have a short window of early weeks when they can easily be taught cooperative behavior to make them more relaxed in events such as nail trimming, tooth brushing, vet exams and taking medication. Trainers can also work to make your kitten more comfortable while being transported in a carrier, which could translate to safe and peaceful traveling to the vet or to a relative.

A young feline that has undergone early preventive training will usually learn how to avoid destructive scratching, which could help prevent injury to you and even save your couch and carpets from damage. Kitten classes can also help your cat avoid litter box problems, minimizing disgusting messes around the house. Trainers at kitten kindergartens can also offer advice on your kitten's health and wellness issues including pest control, vaccines and dental care.


One of the key benefits of leaving your kitten in a kindergarten or pet boarding facility is that they get to interact with other pets and humans. Lack of proper socialization can make your cat inherently fearful of people and other pets. By attending playgroups, your kitten can interact with other cats and learn how to communicate, play gently and develop confidence.

Exposure to different situations may positively impact your cat's personality, making them more accepting to grooming and petting and more comfortable while in car rides or when meeting other cats or people. Kitten classes gradually introduce your feline to new people, sights, sounds and experiences, effectively expanding their 'bubble' and allowing them to be less aggressive while encountering strange situations and capable of quickly building new relationships with other pets and people. 

Kitten kindergartens can help your young cat show off their true social and learning potential and also offer boarding or daycare services to care for your pet while you are at work or out of town. For more information on boarding your pet, contact a company like Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile Practice Ltd.