3 Signs That Your Cat May Need Immediate Vet Assistance

Taking care of cats can often be difficult and frustrating due to their habit of hiding their illnesses well enough that you may not notice a problem. Listed below are three signs that your cat may need immediate attention from a vet.

Urinating Outside Of The Litter Box

One of the biggest warning signs to look for is if your cat is repeatedly urinating outside of his or her litter box. This is a big issue as it can often mean that the cat has some type of blockage or infection that make urinating in the litter box uncomfortable or painful. In many cases, cats with bladder infections or kidney issues will attempt to urinate on cool, hard surfaces as that can help alleviate their discomfort.

It is very important that you get your cat to a vet in this scenario as a kidney infection or blockage can cause your cat to sicken very quickly. In addition, a kidney stone or other blockage can be fatal in a very short amount of time as the cat will not be able to remove toxins from his or her system.

Ignoring His Or Her Grooming

Another serious sign is if your normally very clean cat begins to neglect or ignore his or her grooming. In many cases, this can be the result of your cat experiencing quite a bit of pain that is making it too difficult to groom himself or herself. A common cause for this is arthritis in older cats and can often be managed through the use of veterinarian-prescribed pain medication and supplements. 


Finally, a cat that is constantly meowing as loud as possible is something to worry about. Sure, your cat may normally be a vocal and talkative furball, but it is very rare for a cat to yowl nonstop unless something is wrong. In many cases, the yowling can be a result of your cat being scared or in pain. 

A yowling cat can often be scared due to the fact that he or she is losing his or her hearing. A vet can help by providing stress-relieving medication while also attempting to stop or eliminate the hearing loss. 

Make an appointment with your local veterinarian today in order to get your cat checked out. By paying attention to the above warning signs and visiting your vet regularly you can help ensure that your kitty is as comfortable, healthy, and happy as possible.