Protect Your Cat: Know The 3 Worms That Could Make It Sick

If you've just become the owner of a cat, you want to make sure that it stays happy and healthy. You've looked into the proper diet and you've found a veterinarian. You may think you have all the information you need to keep your cat healthy. However, did you know that there are numerous parasites that can make your cat sick? Did you know that one parasite can actually pose health risks for pregnant women? To protect yourself and your cat from parasitic illnesses, you should schedule an initial check-up with the veterinarian as soon as possible. To help keep you informed about your cat's health, here is some information you should know about the parasites that pose a threat.


Cats are predatory animals. If your cat spends any time outside, it's just a matter of time before it finds some small animal to eat. Unfortunately, that's when most cats become infected with tapeworms. Small prey, like birds and mice, carry tapeworms. Once your cat eats the prey, it becomes infected. Tapeworms live inside the digestive tract of your cat and absorb all the vital nutrients it takes in. When that happens, your cat will become malnourished. Protect your cat from tapeworms by adding a small amount of garlic to its food once a day.


Hookworms are small parasites that live in the feces of infected cats. Hookworms pose a serious threat to unborn kittens. The worm larvae are passed from the mother to her kittens through the placenta. Most kittens that are infected with hookworms while in-utero usually die a few hours after birth. Hookworms can also pose health risks for people with weakened immune systems. If you develop skin lesions after handling your cat, you should have it tested for hookworms as soon as possible.

Intestinal protozoa

Intestinal protozoa is a particularly dangerous parasites, especially for pregnant woman. This parasite is responsible for the medical condition known as toxoplasmosis. It can be life-threatening for unborn babies. Pregnant women should never clean litter boxes since they can come in contact with feces, which is where the protozoa is found. For maximum protection, if you're pregnant, you should wash your hands after handling cats.

If you have a cat, be sure to familiarize yourself with the parasites that can cause serious health risks. If your cat begins acting lethargic or starts losing weight rapidly, you should have your veterinarian test it for parasites. One veterinary practice you can call is Stewartstown Vet Services.